Tell Me About Yourself: 7 Things

My friend Aparna, a fellow vegetarian and travel-lover who blogs over at Not A Leaf, recently tagged me in a blogger’s game of Tell Me About Yourself.  I’m supposed to say 7 things about myself, and then tag 7 other bloggers that I’d like to learn more about. 

I enjoyed learning some interesting facts about Aparna (like for instance, that she’s traveled to 48 of the 50 states), so here I go taking a stab at my own list!

1.) I’ve never had a glass of plain white milk.

For as long as I remember, I’ve always thought white milk was ‘icky’.  I’d drink Chocolate Milk and eat ice-cream, but unflavored milk? No way. That probably tastes like udder. According to my mom, even as a toddler I wouldn’t go near white milk.

If only I knew of Soy Milk and Almond Milk years ago.  Now that milk alternatives are more readily available, I finally know what it’s like to dip a cookie into milk, though I still prefer to eat my cereal dry.

2.) I’m Tall.

5 feet and 10.5 inches to be precise, the same height as the average American guy.  For years, I hated being tall.  All the best pants are too short and the cutest shoes are too high. Now, I don’t wear high-heels not because of my height, but because I value comfort over fashion.

And, best of all?  My height means I naturally burn more calories, and can eat more of the foods I love!

3.) I started college at 16.

My birthday fell on September 3rd, and my school district’s cut-off was September 1st. Instead of having me wait a year to start school, my parents enrolled me in private school just to get me started.  The school was so small that 1st and 2nd grade shared a classroom and I did the work for both grades in a single year.  After that year, I transferred into a public school – at the 3rd grade level!  While I did the rest of grade school at a normal pace, this meant I was 16 for the first few weeks of college. 

4.) Mike and I met on

Yes, it’s true.  Two years ago from this month, we started exchanging messages on and then finally met face to face at a bar on Dec 29, 2009.  

When my mother found out, she was so happy that I met someone that she printed out his profile and hung it up on her refrigerator.  9 months later, we moved in together.

5.) I only like to watch romantic comedies (and foodie documentaries).

Mike and I have a very hard time picking out movies together because I’m so picky.  Scary movies, action films, and dramas simply stress me out.  The Dark Night? I was miserable. The Harry Potter films? Too intense for me.

I do watch a lot of classic movies and foreign films.  But only if they’re Romantic.  And Funny.

Somehow, despite my typical inclinations, Mike managed to get me to watch (and enjoy) all 75 episodes of the TV series Battlestar Galactica last winter.

6.) I’m a Microsoft Excel addict.

I’d be lost without lists.  And since I work in Finance, I tend to make my lists in Microsoft Excel.  I have a spreadsheet of 196 restaurants in Chicago that I want to eat at, including our ratings of the ones we’ve been to.  I have another spreadsheet of 178 vegetarian recipes that I’d like to try, with links to the websites I found them on. I also keep my grocery list, gift ideas, and travel-packing list in excel.

7.) I hate shopping.

Even more so than scary movies, shopping stresses me out.  With all the different styles and cuts of women’s clothing, I feel like I have to try on at least a dozen outfits to find one that works, and that seems like way too much work to me.  And while I tend to get lost at the largest stores, even they often don’t carry the one item I’m looking for.  Add in traffic, crowds, and lines, and trust me, you don’t ever want to run into me when I’m out shopping.  I’m a wreck.

How does someone like me survive Christmas?  Thankfully, I have a sister that is often willing to shop on my behalf, and an Amazon Prime account.

Tag, You’re It!

Here’s where I list out 7 of the many, many bloggers that I’d love to learn more about (though I completely understand if any of you would prefer to sit this one out).  

Also, even if you’re not in the 7 above, I’d still love to learn more about you and I encourage you to complete this challenge too (and trust me – it was challenging!).

I’d love to hear from you!

What’s something I might not know about you?