Review: Andies in Andersonville

 I love Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.  This part of Clark Street is lined with great restaurants, bars & dozens of shops that all have so much character.  From one-of a kind gifts, to eco-friendly boutiques, modern & vintage furniture, and all sorts of specialty food shops (Middle-Eastern, Scandanavian, Farm-to-Table), I never tire of exploring.  





I also never tire of Andersonville’s dining scene, which has so many vegetarian-friendly options including KopiIcosium Kafe, M. Henry, and Jin Jiu Korean restaurant.

Somehow, I had overlooked another one of Andersonville’s gems – Andie’s Restaurant – which even has the word “vegetarian” hand-painted above the door (though it is not a completely vegetarian restaurant, I love that they are proud to be vegetarian-friendly!).  Thankfully, Andie’s was brought to the fore-front of my mind when I received an email from the restaurant, inviting me to dine at a generous discount if I’d share my experience on my blog.  I glanced at the menu online which was clearly labeled with a number of vegetarian & vegan menu options, plus considering that it’s in an awesome neighborhood and is a family-owned business (a big ‘plus’ in my mind), my answer was a quick yes!

And I am so glad I went!  Mike and I had such a wonderful date night at Andie’s and enjoyed their fresh, delicious, beautifully plated food.

The restaurant has a patio on Clark St, great for people watching, but we opted to sit inside in the sunny, airy restaurant.  The moment I walked in, I noticed the air smelled pleasantly of warm food & bright dill.


In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant had a delicious list of Summer Specials. I was also impressed to see a number of options for any Gluten-Free friends, including Gluten-Free Pita available.


To start, I couldn’t resist trying their seasonal Watermelon Mojito which was loaded with fresh fruit, mint leaves, & lime.  Mike, opted for the Flight of White Wine which had an impressive presentation and 3 delicious selections.


We then started with the Combination Dip Sampler which included Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Roasted Red Pepper Dip, which were all vegan.  It also typically comes with a vegetarian Garlic-Potato Dip, but we swapped that out for an extra serving of hummus. Everything was perfect.  The bread was fresh and soft, the hummus well-balanced with a hint of tahini, and the sweet Red Pepper dip was delicious.  The creamy, smoky Baba Ghanoush, however, blew us away – it converted Mike from the Baba Ghanoush hater that he used to be to a Baba Ghanoush lover, and we both agreed it was our favorite of the sampler.


I also ordered the Golden Beets & Mango seasonal salad, without the cheese.  Like everything else, it was beautifully plated and so fresh.  While I noshed on the salad, we received a surprise treat.  The owner’s son came out of the kitchen with a complimentary flaming saganaki for us.  It was a nice personal touch, and as flames were set to the cheese, the sound of “OPA!” rang out around the restaurant.  I exercised the “flexi-“ part of my flexi-vegan diet and had a few delicious bites, with Mike eagerly finishing the rest.


For our entrees, I ordered the Moroccan Eggplant, which was soooo good.  The veggies were stew-like and very well seasoned.  I also loved how the fresh-dill in the rice complimented the stew so well.  And isn’t that presentation simply gorgeous? 

Mike had the Curried Vegetable dish which was very flavorful and featured figs, almonds, and plenty of fresh veggies. 

We were both very happy with what we ordered.  So happy, in fact, that although we did save some of our food for leftovers, we had forgotten to save room for dessert!  While I didn’t see any vegan desserts on the menu, I would have strongly considered ‘flexing’ my flexi-vegan diet again for a piece of Baklava… if only I had any room left :-)


*Disclaimer: I dined as a member of the media at a discounted price, however all thoughts & opinions are my own*

I’d love to hear from you!

What is your favorite thing to order at a Mediterranean Restaurant?

What Special Seasonal dishes have you enjoyed this summer?