In my last post, Mike, Krin, Etan, and I had a fun day at the Art Fair and Farmer’s Market in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  With all of the walking we did, we worked up quite an appetite!

Our evening festivities started with appetizers and drinks at a bar unlike any other, Dominick’s, located right across the street from the University of Michigan Law School buildings.

What make’s this bar so special? I loved the low-key backyard party vibe, complete with picnic-table seating on your choice of several patios and decks.

Another reason to love it? Dominick’s is famous for their Sangria. In gigantic mason jars. Oh, yes!

A visit to Dominick’s isn’t really about food, but they do have a full menu. We enjoyed a few snacks from it including some delicious olives and an order of pesto-bread.

Of all of the wonderful things we did on our trip to Ann Arbor, Dominick’s was my favorite part, since it was such a fun and interesting place!


Next, it was time for dinner!  Yet another reason Krin & Etan are totally awesome travel buddies?  Since they keep Kosher, they eat vegetarian when dining out, and therefore I love their taste in restaurants. 

They suggested Seva, a wonderful vegetarian restaurant that Etan has been going to since he was a kid.  (Note: if you read my last post, don’t confuse Seva with Sava’s, which is the brunch place we visited)

Decor: Hanging plants, strung up lights, and countless stained glass windows give Seva a whimsical feeling.  


Drinks: Seva has a fully stocked bar, a wine list, and beers on tap & bottled (including micro-brews and imports).  But what stood out to me was that the restaurant also has a full juice bar!  I ordered a custom-made drink of greens, beets, and ginger and it came out exactly as I’d hoped.



Seva’s Yam Fries came highly recommended, so we requested an order for the table before we decided what else to order.  The fries were accompanied by a very yummy spicy dipping sauce.  We couldn’t quite figure out what made the sauce so good, so we asked the waitress.  She happily divulged the not-so-secret recipe: Mayonnaise and Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce.  In fact, we were even able to purchase the hot sauce from the restaurant – the perfect souvenir, since Clancy’s Fancy is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

When reading the menu, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the restaurant even more, for the reasons below:

  • I get giddy at the thought of healthy food…
    • and the standard fries with sandwiches can be replaced by grapes or brown rice for no extra charge
    • they also have a LONG list of delicious sides including steamed kale, vegan mac n cheese, and sauteed tofu.
  • It also makes me happy to know that almost anyone can find something good to eat here.
    • The menu noted that anyone with food allergies can request to see “The Answer Book” which contains complete lists of all food ingredients
    • They have a good-sized gluten-free menu (and a gluten-free deep fryer)



We ordered an eclectic mix at our table.  I loved that since it was all vegetarian, I was able to sample all of the dishes!

  • Mike enjoyed Ravioli with Smoked Mozzarella and the most delicious bruschetta topping. 
  • Etan had a yummy Black Bean & Sweet Potato Quesadilla.
  • Krin ordered the restaurant’s famous enchiladas filled with butternut squash and cream cheese.
  • And I had the Vegan Cilantro-Peanut Stir-fry with a tangy cilantro-peanut-ginger-lime sauce, over organic brown rice.

We were all very happy with what we ordered, and I only regret that we didn’t save room for dessert!

As we were leaving, we stopped to admire the wall of customer-contributed art and photography.


The restaurant offers a free entree to anyone who submits a photo of themselves wearing a Seva T-shirt while travelling.  Etan even pointed out a picture of his family wearing Seva t-shirts on vacation when he was a child.  I simply had to get a shirt for myself, and I wonder what wonderful cities mine might travel to?

Lastly, we finished off our night around a table at The Brown Jug, one of Krin & Etan’s favorite hang-outs from their college days.  The guys enjoyed a pitcher of Oberon beer, a Michigan brewed summer ale.  The bar also features a LONG list of cocktails and shots, many large flat-screen TV’s, and a lively scene.


Coming up next… the Zingerman’s Empire (and I’m long overdue for a post from my kitchen!)

What Road Trips have you taken this summer?

Do you own any t-shirts from Restaurants?