In celebration of both my Veggiversary and my Birthday, which are just a day apart, Mike and I hosted a Vegetarian Potluck!  About a dozen of us got together last Sunday night, and while I was the only full-fledged vegetarian, everybody had a yummy vegetarian dish to share and left satisfied!

Party Highlights:

Mike made Seitan Bourguignon, since it is one of our favorites. To make it extra special, he prepared it with extra veggies and extra wine, and served it over buttered noodles.

Seitan: Before & After


I made a Tangerine-Glazed Polenta Cake with Rosemary.  I had cut this recipe out from the Nov 2007 issue of Vegetarian Times and had been waiting for the right occasion to make this cake.  I was really nervous about how it would turn out (especially since I used “grits” instead of yellow cornmeal), but it came out perfectly!  I was only sad that the tangerine and rosemary flavors were lighter than I expected.


We also picked up some assorted red wine, white wine, beer, and made a pitcher of Hibiscus Tea.  Then one by one, and two by two, the guests started to arrive, and unveil their creations!


Alvin brought Hummus, prepared in an ingenious way. He chopped up a generous amount of red, yellow, and green bell-peppers, cucumbers, and black olives.  Then he stirred these into store-bought hummus and sprinkled more on top.  It was a beautiful presentation and I loved getting fresh, crisp veggies in every bite!



After making a practice quiche earlier in the week, Maggie brought a perfect quiche.  The recipe was by Paula Deen, and although this was one of Paula’s rare recipes without butter, it was rich and delicious thanks to Sour Cream and Cheddar Cheese.



Christina made these yummy “Spicy Black Bean Dippers” and our friend Kate provided fresh salsa.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it, but Maggie also brought over their goods.

Ooh, and in the upper right corner of this image, you can see a bit of the home-made guacamole that Nisha brought!


Jorge and Tom brought a round of Brie topped with Fig jam and sliced almonds.  What a yummy combo!





Mike S. made an Orzo Salad with olives, capers, sundried tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, and feta.  So flavorful and savory!






Kyle made some of the best Spanakopita I have ever had! The filo wrap was so thin and flaky that every bit of flavor from the filling shone through, thanks to his aunt’s wonderful recipe.




Veeral made spicy bean Enchiladas.  His secret to obtaining the perfect flavor? – Using two different kinds of Enchilada sauce: Old El Paso & Trader Joes.  Ooey, Gooey perfection!






Last but definitely not least, Krin & Etan brought the most decadent Mac N Cheese I have ever tasted.  Carmelized Onions, Gruyere, Cheddar, and Parmesan packed a powerful punch.  Mike was heartbroken when our left-overs of this were all gone.



Krin & Etan also got me this fabulous T-shirt in support of the Mercy For Animals organization.  It says “Ask me why I’m a Vegetarian”, and there is a smiling cow at the bottom of the shirt that you can’t see in this picture.  I am looking forward to wearing this to the Chicago Vegan Mania festival in November!


My favorite part of the evening was sitting in the living room, surrounded by Mike and so many of our close friends that so sweetly sang me Happy Birthday.

Thank you all for making my Birthday (& Veggieversary!) so special!

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever hosted a Potluck?

What is your favorite dish to bring to a Potluck?