After salt and pepper, Tabasco’s Chipotle Pepper Sauce is the next most popular condiment on our dinner table.  I like it so much, in fact, that several family members of mine received it in their Christmas Stockings last year.

Unlike the Original Tabasco sauce which to me tastes of heat and vinegar, the Chipotle sauce is milder and full of great smoky, tangy flavor.  Made from slowly smoked red jalapeño peppers, it doesn’t just spice up a dish – it adds another layer of flavor.   In fact, it was the first sauce by Tabasco brand intended to be used in this way.

TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce

Sometimes, it even rescues a dish.  Once I made black beans and rice for lunch and despite the salsa and sauteed onion I had added, the dish had no flavor.  It was a chore to eat until I added a few shakes of this sauce.  Then before I knew it the bowl was empty and I was going back for seconds.

We both love it on bean soup, chili, and Mexican food.  Mike loves it on everything including pizza, eggs, and baked potatoes.