The Author
I first learned about Kris Carr from an interview of her in “VegNews” magazine.  In 2003, Kris was diagnosed with an advanced, inoperable Cancer.  Since there wasn’t much the doctors could do, she took matters into her own hands.  She went back to school to study nutrition and gave her lifestyle a complete make-over, complete with a low-glycemic vegan diet and daily “Green Juice”.  Years later, her cancer has not progressed, and she’s thriving.
After reading the interview, I craved “Green Juice” like never before. I wanted to see what other healthy habits she might be able to inspire in me, so I checked out her latest book – Crazy Sexy Diet – from the library.


The Book

First, let me clarify that Crazy Sexy Diet is not a ‘diet’ book in the weight-loss sense.  While you likely would lose weight following her diet, that’s not the point.  Her diet is all about maximizing your health and your energy.  It’s about eliminating any health problems from inflammation, arthritis, runny noses, and tummy aches…to possibly even stopping Cancer in its tracks.  And it’s not just about what you eat.  It’s about treating your body right from every possible angle – including getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and daily meditation.

It’s a little too saccharine and magazine-y at times with heavy use of peppy adjectives, often referring to things such as “sexy minerals” and “cute kidneys”.  But all of this ‘sugar’ helps the medicine go down and there is a lot of information in this book.  Many respected doctors and experts also make contributions throughout her book including Dr. Oz,  Dr. Neal Barnard, and Kathy Freston.  It’s like an easy to read natural-living text-book of sorts.

What I Learned

While I don’t agree with all of her recommendations (such as periodic juice fasts and colonics…no thank you!), I did find it fascinating to hear the other side of the argument.  And although I’m not planning to make any drastic changes in my diet or life after reading this book,  I now think differently about how food benefits & flows through the body.   Below are a few interesting things I learned, as well as my two biggest take-aways from the book:

  • Interesting Things:
    • De-fart your beans: Supposedly, beans can be “de-farted” by soaking them in water overnight with a 1/2 inch strip of kombu (seaweed) added to the soaking water, with a quick rinse after soaking. Kris also recommended Eden Organics canned beans since they use a similar method.
    • Food Combining: Since different foods require different enzymes and varying levels of acidity for digestion, digestion can be optimized by combining foods properly.  For optimal digestion, eat fruits alone, and don’t eat protein and starches together.
    • When to Water: Although getting enough liquids is an important key to proper health, the book explains that having a drink with a meal will water down your digestive fluids, so try not to consume liquids while eating.

Key Learnings:

  • My biggest learnings from reading this book is why it is so important to limit consumption of meat & dairy. Previously I did so out of environmental and animal wellness concerns, but the lesson on body PH below showed me the impact to my health in a way I’d never seen before.
  • I also never fully understood the rationale behind eating Raw foods.  Kris Carr’s book taught me that it is important not to exclusively eat cooked foods. I am now making more of an effort to eat Raw produce!

Want to know why? Read a summary below!

  • Your Body’s PH Balance is extremely important
  • PH runs on a scale of 0 to 14, with 0 being extremely acidic, 7 as neutral, and 14 as extreme alkaline.
  • The Body’s optimal PH is 7.365 which is slightly alkaline.
  • What we eat, drink and do all cause fluctuations in our body’s PH level.  Even minor fluctuations can cause everything from a runny nose, to arthritis, to cancer.
  • If your body’s PH is too acidic, it creates the perfect environment for bad bacteria, yeast, and fungi to thrive.
  • Strong Acids: Foods like Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Alcohol, Coffee, Refined Grains, Fried Foods, Preservatives and Highly processed foods are highly acidic.  Stress Hormones like Cortisol and Adrenaline also cause acidity!
  • Alkaline Foods: Alkaline foods include Nuts, Veggies (especially raw), Lentils & Legumes.
  • In order to maintain a proper PH balance, the Crazy Sexy Diet recommends that our diets should be 60-80% Alkaline foods (and don’t worry – it’s very rare to become too alkaline).
  • For curious readers, the book even tells you how you can measure your body’s PH by using inexpensive PH strips to test your pee!

  • Why Raw Matters
    • The body has two kinds of natural enzymes: Digestive enzymes (for digesting) and Metabolic enzymes which build & repair cells.
    • You can also get enzymes from Food, which help with the digestive process.  By getting some digestive enzymes from food, your body has more energy to use for producing metabolic enzymes.
    • So why Raw? Food enzymes are extremely heat sensitive and start breaking down at 118 degrees Farenheit.  This means that Pasteurized foods and Highly Processed Foods don’t have any enzymes to offer.
    • You shouldn’t exclusively eat Cooked Foods!

Wow, that was certainly a lot of information!

What did you think? Did you know any of this before? Do you plan to incorporate any of these tips & tricks into your diet?


Note: This post contains Affiliate Links, however it is not a paid post and all opinions are my own.