Fall is my favorite season, not only is it a beautiful time of year, it is also (in my opinion), the yummiest season! I can’t get enough of comforting foods like baked apples, squashes, eggplant, soups and stews – and I know many of you feel the same way.  I only wish it didn’t get dark quite so early…

Here’s a round-up of some of what I’ve been cooking lately.  Be sure to scroll down to the end to see an original recipe of mine!

Native Foods’ Jamaican Jerk Stew (One-Pot Meal)

I was so excited to discover a recipe index on the Native Foods Cafe web-site, hiding on the ‘events’ page.  The recipe for this Jamaican Jerk stew caught my eye for it’s mixture of flavors, like Summer blending into Fall: Coconut Milk, Orange & Lime Juices, Curry, Ginger, and Raisins flavoring a stew of Seitan, Pumpkin, and Butternut Squash.  We recommend making this stew a day in advance so all of the flavors can meld.  Mike didn’t like it on Day 1, but couldn’t get enough on Days 2 & 3!


 “Never Gonna Miss the Meat” Bolognese

I bookmarked this recipe as soon as I read it on Jen’s Blog.  Her recipe of Lentils, Eggplant, Zucchini, Carrots, Celery, Onion, and loads of Garlic in a Tomato and Red Wine sauce was as comforting and savory as I had hoped.  Even Mike, who isn’t normally a fan of Eggplant, loved this recipe.  


Basic Green Soup

The September/October issue of Eating Well Magazine had so many wonderful fall recipes. Since I’m a lover of and believer in Green Juices, I was very eager to try their recipe for Green Soup packed with Spinach and Kale.  I really wanted to love this soup, but instead thought it was just OK.  It’s such a healthful recipe that I think it is worth playing around with though, and I now have my eye on some of the magazine’s other variations like Green Curry Soup or Green Soup with Yams & Sage.


Happy Herbivore’s  Banana Biscuits

Inspired by one of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules – “Eat all the Junk Food you want, as long as you cook it yourself”, I’ve been trying to bake more.  Happy Herbivore’s recipe for Banana Biscuits makes it easy to do that.  Not only are the ingredients ones that I already keep on hand (flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, ‘milk’, and bananas), the entire recipe took less than 20 minutes from start to finish. In fact, it was so fast, Mike was stunned when I came out of the kitchen with a warm plate of biscuits.  For an extra treat, I added some semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter, and we served them with Earth’s Balance margarine and honey.


Apples & Onions with Field Roast Sausages

Last, but not least, is one of my favorite fall recipes, which I’ve been making for years – a mixture of apples & onions with Apple Sage vegan sausages.  Although a dish of apples & onions may sound strange, the sweet, tart, and savory flavors really work well together.  

I use Field Roast’s “Smoked Apple Sage” vegan sausages for this recipe, though it could also make a nice side-dish without the sausage.  These are my absolute favorite sausages, and I always keep a pack in my freezer.  I get mine at Whole Foods Market, and they also have a listing of retailers by state on their website.


  • 1 package (4 links) of Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage Sausages 
  • 2 large Organic Granny Smith Apples, cut to about 1/4 inch thin (I cut each apple into 1/8ths, then cut each slice into two or three pieces)
  • 2 large Onions, Julienne cut
  • ~ 1/3 cup White Cooking Wine (the cheap kind!)
  • Olive Oil, Margarine, or Butter – optional


  • Mist pan lightly with Olive Oil.  Remove sausages from plastic wrap, defrost if frozen, and brown them over Medium heat.  Set aside, and cut into bite-size pieces when cool enough to handle.


  • Add 1 tbsp Olive Oil and 1 tbsp butter or margarine to the pan.
  • Add Apples and Onions to the pan and saute until they are soft, but not mushy – about 10-12 minutes.  
  • Add the white wine and cook until the liquid has mostly dissipated, about 2-3 minutes.  
  • Add the sausage back to the pan and heat through for one more minute.

Alternative Cooking Method: If you’d prefer not to use any oil, butter, or margarine – instead add the cooking wine gradually to the pan throughout cooking.  Add a splash at a time, just enough to keep the ingredients moist and prevent sticking.  This method works best in a non-stick skillet.

Serve with a side of your favorite potatoes – baked, broiled, boiled, skillet … or pierogis! 

I’d love to hear from you!

What are your favorite Fall Ingredients? Fall Recipes?