My Favorite Kitchen Items (a gift guide of sorts)


Hi Friends!

For a while now, I’ve been thinking it would be fun to share My Favorite Kitchen Items.  I’ve been seeing all sorts of Gift Guides pop up online this month and have found them to be extremely helpful in making my shopping list (and also my own wishlist!) – I hope this list does the same for you.  

While I’ve seen dozens of items online that I think would make great gifts (see my “Gift Ideas” Pinterest Page), the list below is all items that I personally own and regularly use!

Please note that the links below are Amazon Affiliate links to help support this blog, but all opinions are my own and I completely understand if you’d rather search google/amazon/etc directly.

Stocking Stuffers

Flip & Tumble Bags (5 for ~$11)

Nearly two years ago I wrote an entire Blog Post about these Reusable Produce Bags and I still don’t go to the grocery store without them!

They’re also currently Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Reusable Produce Bags.

Flip & Tumble Reusable Produce Bags

Collapsible Mini-Colander (~$10)

Mike recently declared our Collapsible Mini-Colander a favorite of his.  It’s the perfect size for rinsing a can of beans or a half-pint of raspberries (both are common occurrences in our house) and it takes up very little space in the dishwasher.

Note: The one I own is from the Martha Stewart Collection but I couldn’t find that one online and this one looks exactly the same.

Collapsible Mini Colander

OXO Jar Opener (~$10)

When I first bought my Jar Opener I wasn’t sure if I’d actually ever use it or if it would just collect dust in my drawer like gadgets often do.  Years later, I am surprised by how often I use it and how well it does the trick, especially on larger jars.

Mine is an older model with metal teeth only on one side, so I’d imagine OXO’s newer model (pictured below) is even more amazing.

OXO Jar Opener

Microplane Zesters/Graters (~$12 – $14)

I’ve seen these Microplane Zesters/Graters on many Blogger’s Gift Lists and they are also currently Amazon’s#1 Best Selling Fruit/Veggie Zesters.  I actually have two of these (one with a finer grate) and use them often for citrus zest & fresh ginger, and occasionally to shred some cheese for Mike.

Microplane Grater

Joie Expanding Bottle Stoppers (3 for ~$8)

We just have one of these Bottle Stoppers and it is our absolute favorite (we also have these which are a close second).  The Joie Expanding Bottle Stoppers have a lever that expands the rubber stopper and it locks into place.  

Joie Expandable Wine Stoppers

Microfiber Dishcloths (3 for ~$10)

These are a more recent addition to my Kitchen since I was tired of (and Mike was getting grossed out by) my dingy beige washcloths by the kitchen sink.  I picked these Grey microfiber cloths since I thought they looked slick and wouldn’t show stains.  So far, so good!

Microfiber Dishcloths

Silicone Pot Holders (currently 3 for ~$12)

I have all sorts of fancy cloth Pot Holders (see below, Right) that I like to bring out for special occasions.  But most days, when I’m reheating leftovers in the microwave, I grab for one of my Silicone Pot Holders.  I love that I never have to worry about getting drips of food/sauce on these puppies, since they can quickly be rinsed in the sink instead of needing stain treatment on laundry day.

Note: My silicone pot holders are different & by an unknown-to-me brand, but they look very similar to the ones linked here.

Silicone Pot HoldersCat Pot Holder - from Ten Thousand Villages Evanston


Isa Does It ($20)

Currently my most-used Cookbook.  One of these days, I’ll finally get around to posting a proper review, but in the meantime, I’ll say just this:
  1. The recipes are surprisingly simple & quick for the amount of flavor they pack.
  2. The PIZZA BOWL with Garlic & Red Pepper Cashew Cream sauce is so good it has it’s own Instagram hashtag.

Isa Does It

 Lodge Cast Iron Skillet (Currently $24.99)

Another Amazon Best-Seller.  A Cast Iron Skillet is a kitchen classic and I’ve made my best seared Tofu ever (thanks to Isa Does It, actually) in this inexpensive Lodge skillet .  I still haven’t tried making Skillet Cornbread yet, but that has to happen soon.Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Glasslock Containers –($30-$40 per set of 3)

These are were my best-kept-secret.  When I post my weekly meal-prep on Instagram, I’m often asked about the containers I portion my meals into. In addition to a collection of empty Glass Peanut Butter Jars, I swear by a set of Glasslock containers.  I’ve been bringing mine to work every day for years and have never had a break or a spill (though I haven’t tried putting soup in them yet, there’s been lots of saucy curries!).

Glasslock Containers

I pack HUGE portions and love their 24oz round containers for breakfasts (usually oatmeal or chia pudding loaded with fruit) and the 37oz rectangular containers for lunches (large enough for a entree-sized salad, or a veggie-filled bean & grain bowl).  If you eat normal-sized portions you would probably do well with one of Glasslock’s slightly smaller models.

My (mostly) Glasslock Collection

Green Gourmet Wok with Glass lid (Currently $66)

Of all of our various Pots & Pans, Mike and I use this one the most.  I love that it’s a greener kind of non-stick (with a petroleum-free, PTFE/PFOA-free ceramic-based coating).  And I also love it’s size & shape which works equally well for sauces, stir-fries, or just about anything we might want to cook.

Cuisinart Green Gourmet Wok

Breville Immersion Blender ($100 – $150)

Anytime I have to puree a batch of soup, I reach for my Breville Immersion Blender.  It’s so much easier (and safer!) than pouring hot soup into a Blender.  

I also used to use my Breville for making Smoothies before I got my Vitamix, since it was easier to clean than my old-fashioned blender.  I previously had an Immersion Blender by another top-selling Name Brand and while that one worked well on cooked veggies (i.e. soup), I burnt out it’s motor making smoothies.  

Breville Immersion Blender


Vitamix Blender (Certified Reconditioned ~$320)

Speaking of my Vitamix… while I would say you probably don’t need a $300 blender, this is one kitchen appliance I can guarantee you will get a TON of use out of.  I used to make smoothies once or twice a month, during the summers only.  Now smoothies are one of my go-to snacks and I keep a huge stash of frozen fruit (and frozen bananas) in the freezer just for them.

It makes the fluffiest, creamiest smoothies and practically liquefies the spinach I sometimes add in.  It’s also super easy to clean (add soap & water, blend, then rinse!). 

I received mine as a wedding gift, but if I hadn’t, I probably would have bought a certified reconditioned one – they are backed by a full 5-year warranty!  I’ve never tried a Blendtec blender before, but I think those look pretty great too.

Vitamix - Certified ReconditionedCuisinart Food Processor (currently $155)

When I first got my Vitamix, my beloved Cuisinart Food Processor was worried it might get kicked to the curb.  Instead, my relationship with my Food Processor is stronger than ever.  

It’s amazing for shredding vegetables and is still my preferred tool for making Hummus, Nut Butter, Tofu Yogurt, Sweet Potato Pudding, or anything really THICK.  With the Vitamix, I often find I need to add extra liquid for ease of blending, and I can get by with much less liquid when using my Food Processor.

Cuisinart Food Processor

So what’d you think?

Do you own any of these items?

Do you have any favorite Kitchen Items that I missed? 

Just some of the featured items in my Kitchen Gadget collection :-)