[Giveaway] If you love Fruits, Veggies & the Planet Earth

Do you remember my friends Laura & Darrin who I met at Chicago VeganMania last fall?  They had thoughtfully brought me a gift of some of their favorite Eco-Friendly products, which are now among my favorites as well.  The wet dryer sheets work great, the recycled-bottle “B2P” pens write so smoothly, and I am completely in love with the mesh produce bags by Flip & Tumble.



In fact, Mike and I liked the Produce Bags so much, we soon after bought a second set of them since so much of our grocery shopping is in the produce section.


Before I knew it, I found myself buying sets for my entire family from Amazon.  On Christmas, my parents, sister, and future in-laws each received a set.  Below, my niece is helping my Mom unwrap hers.

I love how this gift does double-duty: It’s a gift the recipient will appreciate, and I the giver benefit too from a less polluted planet.

My mom was even kind enough to take some photos with her set of produce bags in action – at my request of course, otherwise only a blogger would do such a thing ;-).


I only wish I knew about these mesh bags sooner.  I never went to the grocery store without my Reusable Shopping Bags, but I still wound up bringing home way too many plastic bags from the produce aisle.  This had been bugging me for years and I’d tried everything I could think of.  To avoid bags, I would sometimes place items loose in my cart, though I always felt like I was slowing down the check-out line.  I’d also tried reusing the store’s plastic produce bags, but I often would accidentally rip the bags when untying them.

The Flip & Tumble bags now save me so much eco-guilt when I’m picking out my produce!

They’re a very light-weight mesh so there’s no need to worry about paying for the weight of your bags.  And the Drawstring is so easy to use.  Plus they’re washable!


Now, I just toss my set of produce bags in along with my reusable grocery bags every-time I head to the store.


Honestly, I still prefer the old-fashioned plastic produce bags for big, wet items like leafy greens (and I do bring them back to the store for recycling), but I use my mesh bags for the majority of my produce. Hidden in the mesh bags below are kiwi, bell-peppers, potatoes, and loose carrots – reducing 4 plastic bags in one fell swoop!

To continue the produce-bag giving-streak, next I’d like to give a set of these reusable produce bags to two of YOU!  I wrote to Flip & Tumble and they generously provided me with two sets of bags to giveaway to my readers.  Use the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!  The contest is open to residents of the US and Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And… while we’re talking about grocery shopping, I thought it would be fun to show what I picked up on just one of my regular weekly shopping trips for my dual Omni (Mike) / Vegan (me) household.

This was pretty much a typical trip for us – about 50% produce and 50% products, with a few splurge items mixed in (i.e. the Candle Cafe Vegan Mac & Cheese which was on sale, and a Soul-Vegan Combo plate from the prepared foods section – yum!). 

The upper left-hand corner is all Mike’s stuff – sushi, yogurt, gelato, and organic milk/coffee-cream.  Everything else in the picture is 100% vegan – even the Marshmallows!  

My produce varies week to week depending on what I’m planning to cook, but we almost always have Bananas, Baby Carrots, and Grape Tomatoes for snacking, and Onions & Fresh Lemons as staples.  Raspberries are one of my favorite healthy treats that I occasionally splurge on. Instead of a decadent dessert, I love to eat an entire clam-shell of raspberries on one sitting :-)