Hometown Discovery: Green Wave Cafe


A few weeks ago, I went home to South Florida for Easter.  It was full of quality time with my family and friends, beautiful weather, time outdoors (including 3 runs!), and delicious foods! Here’s just a few of the highlights:


                   Dad’s Oatmeal                                       Pineapple Plants


                        Egg Hunt!                                             Mom’s Fruit Salad


                    Wide Trees                                                …and Tall Trees


                                           Learning to Balance…


I always have a wonderful time when I visit home though, so that’s nothing new.  But I do, however, have a new hometown discovery to share.  I had read about the Green Wave Cafe before, which serves organic, vegan, and raw foods, but I had no idea it was just 5 minutes away from my childhood home!  I simply had to try it.  Finding someone to try it with me, however, was not so easy.  

My sister was nervous, as this was her first raw food experience, but she finally agreed to go along (thanks, Jane!)… and yes, she loved it!

We settled into a high table (I love high tables!) in the bright sunny cafe.  We must have arrived at the perfect time, because very soon after, every seat was filled. 


As the cafe was packed and had a very small kitchen, it was a pretty long meal, but we loved the laid-back vibe and friendly service.  Plus, there was a selection of inspirational books on each table to help while away the time.  (Or, like my savvy sister (look closely in the photo above on the right), you could choose to organize your grocery coupons while waiting between courses).

We started with drinks.  A veggie juice for me, and an agave-sweetened mint lemonade for my sister.


It was hard to decide on an entree with so many delicious sounding options on the menu!

Each entree came with a cup of Soup or a Side Salad.  

My sister chose a bowl of White Baby Lima Bean Soup which was incredible.  We loved the fresh flavors and homemade taste.  Their chef is famous for Green Wave’s daily soups, which are the only heated item on the menu.

I started with their Side Salad.  They had several delicious sounding homemade dressings to choose from (including Apple Balsamic, Green Onion, and Red-Pepper Dill).  I chose the garlicky Caesar.  Again, we were impressed with the freshness of everything, and I was so happy to see the variety of veggies including sprouts, bell peppers, and yellow tomatoes.

 For our entrees, my sister ordered the Lettuce Boat Tacos filled with homemade guac, veggie pate, and cheez sauce.

I ordered the Famous Open-Faced Hummus Sandwich which had a sprouted hummus with avocado on their onion bread.  The thin and crispy onion bread was my favorite part of this sandwich.

Everything was fantastic, but we each preferred each other’s dish.  We switched plates half-way and not a single crumb was wasted.

 By this point we were stuffed, but we were dying to try one of Green Wave’s delicious desserts.  We decided to split a piece of their Chocolate-Banana Pie.  I’m kicking myself because I didn’t get a photo of it, but the chilled chocolate-banana puree was so rich and creamy, it was heavenly!  I thought about getting an extra piece of pie to bring home so that my parents could try raw food at it’s finest.  On second thought, I decided not too.   They’ll have to come along to the restaurant with me next time I’m in town for their treat!

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever tried raw cuisine?