Conestoga Wagon (source: Wikipedia)

Mike and I have been busy the past couple of weeks packing our bags to move out West.

Don’t worry – we aren’t moving too far away.  But, after I’ve lived for 7 years on the North Side of the City, our move to the West Side of Chicago feels like we are moving much farther than just 10 miles away!

And while City Trains will still connect me to Downtown Chicago, I’ll officially be living in {gasp} The Suburbs.

I suppose it’s only suiting that this move to the ‘burbs makes me feel like I’m growing up.  Afterall, I do have another Birthday coming up, just around the corner…

We aren’t moving to just any suburb though.  We are moving to a pretty awesome place:

Oak Park is most famous for having over 20 homes & buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright between 1889 and 1913, including his home & studio.  The town was also named one of America’s Most Beautiful Places to Live by the Huffington Post in 2011.

But most important to me, Oak Park is a very forward-thinking community.  Small businesses are plentiful, the Saturday Farmers’ Market is huge, and I’ll be able to walk to almost everywhere I’d want to go – including Whole Foods Market, Trader Joes, the Gym, and of course, to catch the train to downtown Chicago.  

An example of Oak Park’s awesomeness is this festival Mike and I stumbled upon last Saturday.  As we did a preliminary cleaning of our new apartment, we heard live music faintly in the distance, which turned out to be not only a fantastic MicroBrew Festival, but one that strives to create Zero Waste.


As excited as we are about our new place, like any move, it’s Bitter-Sweet.  While I know we’ll often come up to the north side of the city to visit friends, go to our favorite places, and attend events, it won’t happen every day.

Here’s a list of some of the north-side neighborhood spots I’ll be missing the most:

Earth’s Healing Cafe – the highest quality Organic green juices, unparalleled Raw Food, and the most kind & genuine Shop owners – (we’ll miss you, Akin!)

Fleet Feet Chicago – So many fun (& free!) events, including History Fun Runs and their weekly Chick’s Night Runs

Icosium Kafe,

Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery,

The Wednesday Night Farmer’s Market,

The Galleria

and pretty much everything about the Andersonville neighborhood

(of course, including all of Andersonville’s fun community events like Wine Walks, Dinner Crawls, and Green Week)

Random Walks around Lincoln Square… down beautiful tree-lined streets with stops at the library, and an endless array of shops, restaurants, and bookstores.

Speaking of Lincoln Square, I’ll especially miss…

Lincoln Square Massage – where Laura & Erin have magically cured my tight hamstrings many times after I pushed too hard on my long runs.

Moksha Yoga – I loved attending the FREE Community Yoga classes at the Wrigleyville location, which I could jog or bike to.

Demera (Ethiopian)

Tank Noodle & Nhu Lan (Vietnamese)

Arya Bhavan (Indian)

…and the myriad of delicious ethnic eateries in close proximity.

Ravenswood Fitness Center – a small, neighborhood gym with the friendliest staff.  I especially love the fun and gentle-yet-challenging yoga classes taught by Meridee, that even Mike is going to miss.

All of the area parks – especially Winnemac Park for it’s beautiful prairie &  great running track and Welles Park for it’s huge lawn, perfect for lounging or playing catch.

And so much more than I could ever list…


I’d love to hear from you!

What would you miss the most if you were to move?