Giveaway: Sant Superfruit Beverage


You may remember that at VeganMania I met Kim, the founder of Sant, a pure & simple antioxidant-rich fruit tea.  

Kim was so warm and friendly and gave me a full-size package to try.  I’ve been enjoying sipping on Sant throughout the month – including at the gym and at the Potluck I hosted.

I think Sant is really cool for a few reasons:

1.) It contains just ONE ingredient – and it’s organic & minimally processed to boot

2.) I love discovering new and unusual fruits & vegetables, and I’d never before heard of Garcinia Indica – the dried fruit Sant is made of.  It’s an antioxidant-rich fruit from the Mangosteen family, native to India.

3.) I love Tea.  Hibiscus Tea is one of my favorites and Sant tastes very similar to it.  In my opinion, Sant tastes like a cross between Hibiscus & Rose, a little bit tart and very refreshing.

Another neat thing about Sant is that it’s a tea with no need for tea bags or strainers – you simply drop a few pieces of the fruit into your cup, let it infuse for a few minutes, then drink!

The fruit pieces are large enough that you can simply let them sit at the bottom of your glass while you sip.  You can also continue to top-off your cup and the same pieces of fruit can infuse a couple of cups full.

You can also customize your drink to your preferences, using 1-2 pieces for a subtle flavor or 3-5 pieces for a bolder taste.  

To me, Sant tastes more Rose-like when it’s infused to a light-color, and more Hibiscus-like when enough pieces are used to make it darker in color.  You can also make it hot or cold, and add your favorite sweetener if you like.  

My favorite way to drink Sant is bright red, cold, unsweetened, and with a slice of lime. (Just like the third glass from the left, below!)

I thought you might like Sant as well, so I am so happy that Kim offered to giveaway a 100g pouch of Sant to one VeggieNextDoor reader.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  (Sorry, winner must have a US address for shipping)

Or you can purchase Sant online here. A 100g pouch is enough to make up to 100 servings and costs $12 plus $2 shipping.

I’d love to hear from you!
What’s your favorite flavor of tea?
What’s the most exotic fruit(s) you’ve tried?

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