A Journey Bar Giveaway

When I attended Chicago VeggieFest this summer, I learned about Journey Bar for my first time – a Savory Snack Bar – how genius is that!?

I pretty much always have a snack bar in my purse for hunger emergencies (which are surprisingly often for me), and I was getting pretty tired of all the sugary / sweet varieties.

Not only is Journey Bar a genius concept, but even better, their ingredients are wholesome (and soy-free and gmo-free), plus I love the idea of supporting a Chicago-based company.  

And their travel-themed packaging? It totally got my attention – just like my purse, my travel-backpack is eager for a new stash of snacks.

I foolishly only bought a couple bars at VeggieFest.  After sampling all the flavors, Mike and I chose our favorites and picked out one bar each – a Pizza Marinara bar for me, and a Coconut Curry bar for him.

When I couldn’t find replacements at my local grocery store, I began counting down to Chicago VeganMania, where I hoped to see them again and would certainly stock up this time.  But when they weren’t in attendance, I broke down and did something I’ve never done before for a snack bar – I ordered them online by the case.

Yep, I bought two entire cases – a case of the Pizza Marinara, and a Variety Pack.


And I may regret this later, but I’ve decided to share:

One lucky winner will receive one of each* flavor of Journey Bar (5 bars)

          • Pizza Marinara 
          • Coconut Curry (contains honey)
          • Rosemary
          • Hickory BBQ
          • Parmesan Romano (contains dairy)

                                                  *Note: I will substitute Pizza Marinara bars for anyone avoiding dairy or honey

Not only do these taste delicious – check out the facts:

  • The main ingredients are organic grains like oats, buckwheat, flax seed, amaranth, and millet
  • I can pronounce all of the ingredients
  • Each bar has at least 4g of Fiber
  • And most of the bars have just 5-6 grams of sugar each (though the Coconut Curry is sweeter and has 10g sugar)


Can you see all those gorgeous grains?  The little pearls are Amaranth and Millet, whole-grain super foods!

Also, whether you love soft or crunchy, you’re sure to find a favorite Journey Bar.  The Pizza Marinara, Coconut Curry, and Hickory BBQ flavors are baked soft and chewy, but the Rosemary and Parmesan Romano bars give a satisfying crunch.

Flavorwise, I often find myself craving the tangy tomato and herbs of the Pizza Marinara, however I think the next case I buy will be of the Rosemary variety – slightly sweet and crunchy, it’s like a cookie with a Rosemary surprise.  I’d have to say that the Coconut Curry flavor is the most complex – a balance of real coconut flakes and the true flavors of a thai curry.  The Hickory BBQ flavor was tasty, though sweeter and milder than my usual brands of BBQ potato chips.  And last but not least is the crunchy, cheesy Parmesan Romano bar.

 So what are you waiting for?  Enter here for your chance to win!

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