Review: Love With Food

One of my greatest joys in life is getting food in the mail.  From Foodie Pen Pals to the (now on hiatus) Vegan Food Swap and the occasional exchange with friends – I’ve discovered something new & amazing with every single swap.  Lately, I’ve been super excited to see Food boxes taking off as small businesses and I’m hoping to try as many as I can to review them for you!  I’ve previously tried (and was quite impressed with!) Vegan Cuts, and coming soon I’ll also be reviewing Nature Box and Bestowed – but today, it’s time to share about Love with Food!  

Although Love With Food is not an exclusively Vegan service, I decided to exercise the “Flexi-” part of my Flexi-Veganism since I couldn’t resist the price point of only $12 a month including US shipping plus the knowledge that a meal is donated with every box purchased (now that’s truly giving love!)

I ordered the March Box (and I paid with my own money – this is not a paid review) which had the theme Classics with a Twist.  I think it’s so fun that they do a different theme every month, and I thought the snacks they chose did a great job sticking to the theme.

And so what were these fantastic classics?

My favorite was the Choc Wasabi ChocolateCovered Wasabi Peas.  Mike initially didn’t want to try them because he’s not a huge fan of wasabi peas, but I convinced him and even he liked these.  The chocolate really mellowed out the wasabi, but a tasty hint of it was definitely there – plus these were vegan and completely new to me.  I also had a lot of fun trying the Dark Chocolate Orange covered Fortune Cookie (which was delicious but I wished the chocolate was a little darker and the orange notes a little stronger) and the Salted Caramel Corn Puffs (which were like a slightly salty & more buttery version of Corn Pops cereal).  Mary’s Gone Crackers products are always a favorite of mine as are fruity teas, fruit leathers, and granola so I enjoyed those too.  My least favorite item was the Kids 50 Fruit & Veggie Juice Box – it has 50% less sugar than most fruit juices, but it’s not less sweet –  it’s sweetened with Stevia.  I know many people are fans of Stevia, but I just can’t get used to the taste of it.  I also don’t think Stevia makes sense for kids – this drink was way too sweet and I worry that it would raise a kid’s (or an adult’s) “Sweet Tolerance”.

Originally I was only planning to test out Love With Food for one month, but when I saw what their April theme was going to be, I knew I couldn’t miss it:

Weird, Wild & Wonderful Foods curated by Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel’s series “Bizarre Foods“.  I love trying new things – the more creative the better, so this was right up my alley.

This box included:

The first thing that I noticed when I opened this box was the exotic and delicious SMELL which turned out to be coming from a very fragrant pouch of hand-harvested Fennel Pollen from Pollen Ranch – Yes. Pollen.  Much to my surprise, this tasted very much like Fennel Seeds, only with more punch.  I mixed it into a salad of purple cabbage, apples, raisins, and walnuts with an apple-cider vinegar dressing.  

I was also excited to see the Oloves and Cocomels (Vegan Coconut Caramels) which I’d been very curious to try and these did not disappoint.  But my favorite item in the box was a very guilty pleasure – The Buff Lo Dip.  I wanted to hate it.  It’s loaded with all sorts of No-No ingredients that I try to avoid. Dairy.  Gelatin (eek!). Artificial Flavors. MSG. Carboxymethylcellulose (whatever that is…).  And I would really like to tell you, dear readers – for the good of your health – that I hated it, but that would be a lie.  This stuff was all sorts of addictive.  It would have been amazing on celery or crackers, but I ate half of it straight from the jar with a spoon, then put it back in the fridge.  Then I kept going back to the fridge to sneak another spoonful.  The flavor was so complex – creamy, spicy, and tangy – like a cross between buffalo sauce and ranch.  All I can say is that I’m thankful that it was a pretty tiny jar.  If it were a bigger jar, I’d be in serious trouble.

I also was really impressed with the Popped Sorghum. It tasted just like popcorn but was WAY smaller and this single-serving bag (which was only 100 calories!) had thousands of pieces in it. Normally when I watch a movie, my popcorn bowl is empty in minutes, but this smaller sized & higher quantity grain lasted me a lot longer so I’d love to have more of this on hand for my next movie night!  It’s also a more eco-friendly choice since Sorghum requires less water to grow than corn! Plus, according to Mini-pops, compared to Corn, Sorghum also has less calories & fat, more protein, calcium & iron and comparable fiber – without the hulls that often get caught in teeth.  Did you know Sorghum is the 5th most harvested cereal grain on the planet?

Other products included the Salty Pepper Somersaults (Sunflower Seed Snacks) and The Good Bean’s Smoky Chili & Lime Chickpeas both of which I’ve had and liked before, but I was surprised to find that they were even better than I remembered.  The Somersaults were so crunchy, salty and satisfying and the Chili & Lime Chickpeas were so flavorful and the perfect combo of bright lime and smoked paprika.

Overall, I had a lot of fun trying these Love with Food boxes and would definitely consider subscribing again, once I’ve worked my way through trying out several other services –  unless I earn a free box before then!  Love with Food has a great rewards program where anyone with an account can earn points by signing up, ordering boxes or products from their online store, giving product feedback, and by referring friends.  

Please note that the links I provide to Love With Food throughout this post are my referral link.  I will earn “points” if you sign up from my link.


I’d love to hear from you!

Have you tried any of the products in these boxes? Which do you most want to try?

Have you tried any Food or Product Subscription Services? Which other services should I try?


Subscription Service Summary:

As I continue to try out various subscription services, I’ll keep adding to the chart below so that you can compare & contrast and see which service is right for you!


Service / Review Links

Price per Month 

(Including US Shipping)

Dietary Pref Countries Notes
Vegan Cuts $19.95 

 100% Vegan 

 Mostly GF

Canada +$8
Worldwide +$15
>7-10 Products
>Includes occasional non-food products (i.e. vegan lipgloss)
Love With Food  $12  n/a US Only  >8+ products
>A meal donated for every box
>Fun Monthly Themes
>Points/Referral program to earn products
Bestowed  $19  n/a  US Only

>All products are selected by nutritionist Heather Bauer
>A Sheet of Tips & Ideas for using the products is included

Nature Box $19.95 n/a for Surprise OR can Self-Select  US Only

>Surprise boxes of 5 large-sized, nutritionist approved snacks
>Call Customer Service to gain access to self-select your snacks

Graze Box $6.49 Vegan & GF Options US Only

>4 individually portioned snacks
>Snacks are customized to your personal preferences
>Referral program to earn products OR donate to charity
>Promo: Get your First Box Free

What should I review next? Suggestions welcome!!!