"Power to the Veg" Vegan Food Swap

I was sad earlier this year when The Verdant Life’s monthly Vegan Food Swap came to an end, after it’s long and successful run.  Cat, the swap’s host, was busy welcoming a baby to the world so she was understandably too busy to keep it up.

Recently, I learned of another All-Vegan Food Swap and was so happy to get back into swapping :-)  

“Power to the Veg” Food Swaps

Power to the Veg” (P2TV) is a Facebook group for old and new Vegans and Vegetarians to share support, recipes, ideas, etc… and yes, many of us group members swap food too!

My first swap with this group was November’s “Thanksliving” themed food-swap.  All P2TV swaps are 100% vegan with a suggested $20 spending total.  The hosts will connect each participant with two other group members – one person you send to, and one person you receive from.

One thing to note that’s different than the other swaps I’ve participated in is that all participants in the P2TV Swap must pay a one-time $20 “Insurance/Registration” fee (though joining the Facebook group is FREE for everyone).  The fee is understandable given that I’ve once sent but not received a box in another swap, and this ensures that only those serious about swapping will sign up.

You can check out everyone’s swap goodies by viewing the hashtag #P2tVFoodSwap on Twitter or Instagram, or by joining the Facebook Group!

What I Sent

I was assigned to send a box to Michelle in Southern California, a fellow lover of Chocolates and Spice.

Looking back, I see I didn’t do the best job of sticking to the Thanksliving theme, but all the Orange, Brown, and Spice made me think of Fall.

These Veggie Krunch RAW Sweet Onions are one of my recent favorite foodie finds.  These aren’t Onion flavored Kale Chips.  Instead, think of your favorite seasoned Kale Chip, and replace the Kale with Onions.   They are simply incredible.

Much less healthy, but equally tasty, I’m also in love with these Masala Munch chips that I discovered while in India.  I was so excited when I found them for sale at a local Indian Restaurant.  These are essentially Spicy Vegan Cheetos.  In fact, just like Cheetos, these are also made by Frito Lay.  Like I said, these aren’t healthy, but they are a total guilty pleasure!

Chocolove is one of my absolute favorite brands of Chocolate.  The prices are reasonable, the chocolate is superb, and they have so many vegan varieties like this bar which features Freeze-Dried Orange Peel and Orange Oil.

I’m not a fan of most Ginger Chews – too pungent! – but I’m hooked on Chimes’ Orange Ginger Chews which has sweet fruit flavors to balance the spiciness.  Chimes also make a delicious Mango flavor.  One of these days I’ll get the courage to try their Peanut Butter flavored Ginger Chews.  I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around that flavor combination, but perhaps it tastes like Peanut Sauce?

The “Snickerdoodle” Larabar is currently tied with their “Chocolate Chip Brownie” for my favorite flavor.  I hope this seasonal flavor becomes a permanent Larabar option – it’s so sweet, soft, and sticky it actually reminds me much more of a Cinnamon Bun than of a cookie. 

I also included:

  • Seitenbacher’s Berry Temptation Muesli, because German-made products always seem to be extra high quality.  Interestingly – in addition to milks and fruit juices, their website also suggests pouring Red Wine over Muesli.  I may just have to try that!
  • Smoked Serrano Chiles from the Savory Spice Shop which smelled incredibly warm and smoky
  • Hodgson’s Mill’s blend of Wheat Germ with Cinnamon & Flax Seed which I thought would be a fun addition to oatmeal, baked goods, and smoothies
  • And a small piece of Righteously Raw’sSynergy Spice” cacao candy.  I bought one for myself to try too.  I have a pretty high spice-tolerance yet even I thought the Synergy Spice was surprisingly hot thanks to its blend of cinnamon and cayenne.
And here’s a photo of the goodies taken by Michelle when they arrived safely at her home:

It turned out that she’d previously tried the Veggie Krunch Sweet Onion chips before and is also a fan.  The Masala Munch chips were new to her and were quite a hit on the message board :-) 

What I Received

I received a package from Angie in Southern California, a fellow instagram addict who once roasted a Tofurkey on a camp-fire for Thanksgiving dinner – impressive!

I could tell right from the get-go that Angie went all out on my package which was overflowing with Vegan goodies.

And when I opened the box, not only was it packaged beautifully – it all smelled like Cinnamon!

And unlike me, Angie did a flawless job of sticking to the Thanksliving theme.

There was Vegan Stuffing Mix

Pumpkin Pie Card

An Oven Mitt covered in Fall Leaves

Fried Onions (my newest Salad Topping obsession)

Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea (spicy cinnamon!)

Pumpkin Spice Tea Bags (pictured on top of the Fried Onions)

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (I ate this with a spoon right out of the package)

A single-serve pouch of Nacheez (I love this stuff!)

Cinnamon Whisk (like potpourri – the reason for the box’s intoxicating scent!) 

There was also a Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif Bar…

 Vanilla Chai Vega Shake Mix

Merry Hempster’s Cinnamon Lip Balm

plus a couple kinds of Vegan Jerky and Jerquee (so good!) and a Chocolate Snowman (because her favorite store was all out of Chocolate Turkeys). 

PLUS she must have spent a lot of time putting together all sorts of paper goodies for me including Stickers, Coupons, and photocopies of her Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes, including the recipe for Angie’s favorite holiday dessert. There was even a small pouch of Kale Seeds!

Thanks to Angie and Michelle I had a fantastic time participating in my first P2TV Vegan Food Swap and I look forward to participating in many more!

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you belong to any Vegan/Vegetarian forums or groups?

Which of the items above have you tried before? or would most like to try?