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The BEST Salad I Ever Made

Confession: I don’t eat nearly as many salads as a ‘good’ vegetarian should.  In fact, I never much cared for lettuce.  I only cared for the dressing on top of […]

Tasty Travels: Vegetarian in Washington, D.C.

Dear Readers – I’m thrilled to announce my first guest blog-post!  Let me introduce Amy, one of my best friends, a former college roommate, my travel buddy, and yes – […]

Get Juiced: Earth’s Healing Cafe

To close out a week of posts inspired by Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet, I wanted to share our favorite place in Chicago for green juice and raw food […]

Crazy Sexy [Raw] Recipes pt. 2

In my post earlier this week, I shared two recipes that I tried from Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet, which highlights the benefits of a low-glycemic vegan diet high […]

Healthy Eats at the Chicago French Market

As a BONUS POST for the week, I hope you’ll go over to Jenny’s Fitness Health and Food Blog to read my first ever guest post: Healthy Eats at the Chicago […]

Crazy Sexy [Raw] Recipes pt. 1

In Kris Carr’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet (click here for my book review), she lists countless benefits for following a low-glycemic, vegan diet that’s high in raw produce.  While I don’t […]

Book Summary: What I learned from “Crazy Sexy Diet”

The Author I first learned about Kris Carr from an interview of her in “VegNews” magazine.  In 2003, Kris was diagnosed with an advanced, inoperable Cancer.  Since there wasn’t much […]

Just 5 Ingredients!: Barley Salad with Corn, Tomatoes, Scallions, & Baked Tofu

Most of my plans to eat healthy get messed up in the office cafeteria.  Usually I wind up either a.) grabbing a grilled cheese sandwich (not healthy!) out of desperation, b.) […]

My favorite FREE group fitness activities in Chicago

I belong to a gym, have a collection of fitness DVDs, bands, and weights at home, and have miles of sidewalks & trails at my disposal… but I like to […]

Recipe: Seitan Bourguignon

In March, Martha Stewart made big buzz in the Vegan/Vegetarian community by having an All-Vegan episode – this was the first time I ever recorded an episode of Martha Stewart […]

My Biggest Kitchen Mess Ever

Normally I try to write more useful posts, but I just had to share what happened tonight – to vent a little, and because it’s quite funny too.  If you’re […]

Road Trip: Milwaukee

Ahh…Memorial Day Weekend: Not only is it a time to get together with your family and friends to enjoy the freedom our veteran’s fought for…it’s also the official start to […]

Blind Faith Cafe: My Kind of Place

Blind Faith Café: My Kind of Place

  The Blind Faith Café in Evanston is my favorite Vegetarian restaurant in the Chicagoland area. It’s not the fanciest or most the gourmet vegetarian restaurant, but I think it’s […]

Recipe: Best Vegan Sloppy Joe’s

I’m a little obsessed with these lentil Sloppy Joe’s. (click HERE for the Recipe!) I made them for dinner, planning on getting at least two meals out of them.  Instead, […]

Delicious Café: Awesome Vegan Sandwiches

I love the low-key vibe & tasty sandwiches at Delicious Café in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. It’s a cozy, comfortable place with a cheerful chalkboard menu, a Chicago Bulls tapestry on […]