Next up in my series of Subscription Box reviews is ConsciousBox!

I was intrigued by ConsciousBox’s promise of healthy, natural, eco-friendly items including snacks, beauty, and cleaning products.  

Best of all, they offer the option of a 100% Vegan box!


I’d been interested in trying their service for a while, so when I saw a deal pop-up where I was able to snag a box (normally $19.95) for only $7, I jumped at the opportunity.

(tip: they occasionally run that same promo for referred shoppers, so try this referral link to see what their latest deal is!)

Conscious Box – Vegan

Note: This was back in the Fall, so the box featured below is the Vegan box from November 2013.

As you can see from the pictures above, the box was small (about the size of my hand), but it was overflowing with goodies.

Here’s the breakdown of what I got:


My two favorite items from this particular box were:

  • Nature Nate’s Glorious Grains – This mini-pouch had the flavor & crunch of highly-concentrated toasty popcorn… but it actually doesn’t contain any corn! It’s a mixture of 9 gluten-free grains (including amaranth, millet, chia, and teff) roasted in olive oil & avocado oil.
  • ACTZ Cosmetics “Marshmallow” Soap – This soap really did feel like a powdery soft marshmallow!  I received a “Gingerbread” bar and couldn’t get enough of the scent or the feel of the soap.

Loved It

Other specialty goodies I enjoyed included the following:

Liked It

I also received:

  • Sunology Natural Sunscreen – I’m excited about this product, though I forgot to pack it when I traveled to warmer weather!
  • Yogavive Chocolate Apple Chips – Just Organic Apples & Cacao flavoring.  These were tasty, but I think I’d like plain apple chips more.
  • Mighty Leaf Tea  A great quality tea, but I thought the flavors (Mint, Jasmine & Earl Grey) were too classic to be included in a box that’s all about trying new things!

Leave It

There were two items however, that wound up in my garbage can.  Truthfully, I didn’t even give these products a chance – I’m highly skeptical of the supplement industry and these items simply seemed unnecessary to me.  I’ll admit that I’m biased!

  • Reboot antioxidant drink
  • Relax-All calming capsules


A couple weeks later, I saw a similar deal for the Greatist Parcel subscription box, where I was able to order one for just $5 (the normal price is $20).

Upon clicking through to order, I was surprised to see that I was taken to the Conscious Box website, since they in fact work together!

Because they are partners, I thought I’d include them both in the same review.


Greatist Parcel (powered by ConsciousBox)

Greatist Parcel is curated to include the latest in healthy living foods & products, and like Conscious Box, they focus on working with eco-friendly businesses.

All of their boxes also have a “theme”.  I received their December 2013 Parcel, which was Party themed! 


My favorite item from this box was the Jiva Coffee Cubes – Dice-sized cubes of Coffee & Unprocessed Panela Brown Sugar that made fantastic instant Coffee that both Mike and I enjoyed.  What a great idea! 

Liked It

The other goodies included:

  • Quinn Popcorn Natural Microwave Popcorn with a Canola oil drizzle & Parmesan Rosemary Sprinkle.  Mike really enjoyed this one and it was a great fit for the party theme.  
  • Wholesome Sweeteners Sample Pack – I’m personally not a huge fan of Stevia or Agave, but since I know many people who are, I gave this to a friend.  I was impressed with the generosity & variety of this sample pack including interesting items like Cinnamon, Maple, Strawberry, and Vanilla flavored Agave drizzles.
  • Zarbee’s Naturals Cough & Throat Relief Drink – Mike often gets a scratchy throat so I gave this one to him to try.  He said it was a bit sweet for his taste and thinks most of the magic may have been from the soothing hot water it’s mixed in, but I’d give it another try if I (knock-on-wood) catch a cold this season.
  • Similisan Computer Eye Relief Drops – I haven’t used this yet, but with all the time I spend on computers (both at work & at home) I know I could certainly use these!
  • The Honest Company’s Shampoo & Body Wash – I’d say this natural, gentle shampoo worked as well as any of its (chemical laden) competitors would.

Leave It

There were only two items I would have happily done without:

  • Neocell Beauty Bursts Collagen Chews – Not only am I incredibly skeptical of products like this, Collagen isn’t vegetarian either.
  • Blossom Organics Arousal Gel – I got a laugh out of how well this fits the party theme, but I can’t say I’ve tried this one.


Overall, both boxes were fun to try and introduced me to quite a few new products.  I was especially impressed with their selection of vendors – many of which were small, family-owned companies.

I do think the boxes include $20 worth of products, though while I loved some, others just weren’t the right fit for me.  

I also found it very easy to start & end my subscription through their website for a truly no-hassle trial, though the portion of their website that allows subscribers to rate the products they received (in exchange for points!) was glitchy.

My verdict: I haven’t signed up for monthly subscriptions of either at this time but I’m glad I tried them and would definitely snag a box up again if I found another deal!

I’d love to hear from you!

What Food Subscription Services have you tried?

If you’ve tried Conscious Box or Greatist Parcel, please let me know what your experience was like! 

Subscription Service Summary:

As I continue to try out various subscription services, I’ll keep adding to the chart below so that you can compare & contrast and see which service is right for you!


Service / Review Links

Price per Month 

(Including US Shipping)

Dietary Pref Countries Notes
Vegan Cuts $19.95 

 100% Vegan 

 Mostly GF

Canada +$8
Worldwide +$15
>7-10 Products
>Includes occasional non-food products (i.e. vegan lipgloss)
Love With Food  $12  n/a US Only  >8+ products
>A meal donated for every box
>Fun Monthly Themes
>Points/Referral program to earn products
Bestowed  $19  n/a  US Only

>All products are selected by nutritionist Heather Bauer
>A Sheet of Tips & Ideas for using the products is included

Nature Box $19.95 n/a for Surprise OR can Self-Select  US Only

>Surprise boxes of 5 large-sized, nutritionist approved snacks
>Call Customer Service to gain access to self-select your snacks

Graze Box $6.49 Vegan & GF Options US Only

>4 individually portioned snacks
>Snacks are customized to your personal preferences
>Referral program to earn products OR donate to charity
>Promo: Get your First Box Free

What should I review next? Suggestions welcome!!!