Review: Graze Box

Since I am on a mission to try as many Food Subscription Boxes as possible, I couldn’t resist a promo I saw in a magazine advertisement to receive my 1st and 5th Graze Box for free.

There was no requirement to order a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th box, but I enjoyed my first box so much, I decided to give Graze a full, 5-box trial!

Note: This is not a paid review.  I purchased my subscription with my own money and all opinions stated are my own.

Graze’s NibbleBoxes are priced at just $6.49 each (including delivery within the continental US) and each box contains 4 individually portioned snacks that are selected especially for you based on preferences you set.  Yes – since you can set your own preferences, it’s easy to get VEGAN, Gluten-free, or even Vegan & Gluten-Free Boxes!


The boxes are so customized that when scrolling through the #grazebox hashtag on Instagram it’s very hard to find two boxes that are exactly the same.

Here’s what I received in my very first Graze Box – a perfect mix of fruity, nutty, spicy, and sweet:

  • Little Figgy went to Market (Dried Apples, Cranberries, and Figs)
  • El Picante (Paprika Baguettes, Spicy Chili Peanuts, and Jumbo Corn)
  • Chocolate Orange Flapjack (Rolled Out Flapjack with Orange and Chocolate)
  • Natural Energy Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts)

And here’s the rest of my Graze Boxes -for 20 snacks in total, with only one repeat (the Chocolate Orange Flapjacks – YUM!). 

The Graze Range of Snacks falls into the following categories:

In my 5-box trial, I didn’t get to try all of the categories, but I did get to try snacks from most of them.  Here’s the run-down:

The FlapJacks 

I’d never known what FlapJacks were before until I went to Ireland this Spring.  There, I first tried these sweet baked oat bars that are typically very buttery.  Graze had several varieties of Vegan Flapjacks, each which reminded me of a decadent cross between a soft granola bar and an oatmeal cookie.  The FlapJacks were one of my favorite Graze snack categories.

The FlapJack flavors I tried included:

  • Chocolate Orange FlapJack
  • Summer Berry FlapJack
  • Fruit & Seed FlapJack
  • Honeycomb FlapJack (which actually contains no honey!)

The Dippers

The Graze “Dippers” were also a favorite of mine since they were fun to eat and so different from my usual snacks.  These included:

  • Fruity Mango Chutney with Black Pepper Dippers
  • Boston Baguettes with BBQ relish
  • My Thai Sweet Chili Sauce with Baked Soy Bites

The Popcorn 

loved the perfectly portioned Popcorn pack and hope Graze comes out with more Popcorn varieties.  Currently the Popcorn only comes in Plain, or my selection – Twist of Black Pepper.

The Fruit

The dried fruit mixes made for the perfect afternoon or evening pick-me-up with interesting selections that included dried blackcurrants & mini strawberries (in the “Garden of England” mix) and a very, very yummy Pina Colada mix with dried Pineapple, Coconut, and Mango.

The Nuts

I regularly snack on trail-mix since I find it’s one of the best snacks to stave off hunger when I’m out and about.  As a lover of bold, punchy flavors, I usually lean towards zesty snacks like the seasoned Black Pepper Cashews, but to my surprise I also liked the plain, unsalted Natural Energy Nuts and Nature’s Immunity Nuts. The nuts packed a surprising amount of natural flavor since they were so fresh.  

The only snack I didn’t really enjoy were the Booster Seeds of Golden Flax, Pumpkin Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds… only because the teeny tiny seeds were so hard to eat on their own.  These seeds would have been a great addition to a bowl of oatmeal but didn’t work really well when I tried to eat them with my fingers trail-mix style.


Overall, I really enjoyed the quality and variety of the Graze Snacks and love the concept of individually portioned snack delivery.

Additionally, I found their service very easy to use. Their website was easy to navigate and contained a lot of product information, including full nutrition facts & ingredients for every product.  Nutrition facts also come printed along with each shipment.

How Graze Works

Graze has a huge catalog of 90 snacks to choose from and they are constantly swapping in new snacks.

Once you setup an account on Graze, you can either let Graze Surprise you… or you can take just a moment to tell Graze your preferences.

In one click, you can easily “Trash” all items that don’t meet your dietary preferences…

Or you can easily tell Graze specifically which snacks you do or don’t want by using their Trash, Try, Like, and Love ratings.

I really loved that there was an element of surprise with each box I received, with the comfort of knowing the surprises would always be safely within the parameters I set.

The boxes are also smartly designed.  Graze Boxes are sized to fit into your mailbox so there’s no need to worry about signing for any of your packages.   Each of the 4 snacks in the box is also individually packaged for easy on-the-go noshing.  

Graze recommends having the boxes shipped directly to your office, which I think is a great idea!  In the interest of doing a thorough review though, I had my boxes sent home instead so Mike could also sample my snacks :-)

Lastly, Graze has a great referral program that any subscriber can participate in. If you are interested in signing up with my referral link, you will get the same no-strings attached First-Box Free offer that I received.  It’s easy to cancel after your first free box, but anyone who continues with the subscription will get their fifth box free too.

Please note that as a referrer, if you use my referral link I will also receive a $1 Graze Credit to use towards either my next Graze box OR to donate to Graze’s school of farming that teaches students in Uganda to grow, maintain, and harvest fruit.  


I’d love to hear from you!

Have you heard of or tried Graze before?

What’s your favorite Snack type – Sweet, Spicy, Salty, or Crunchy?

Subscription Service Summary:

As I continue to try out various subscription services, I’ll keep adding to the chart below so that you can compare & contrast and see which service is right for you!


Service / Review Links

Price per Month 

(Including US Shipping)

Dietary Pref Countries Notes
Vegan Cuts $19.95 

 100% Vegan 

 Mostly GF

Canada +$8
Worldwide +$15
>7-10 Products
>Includes occasional non-food products (i.e. vegan lipgloss)
Love With Food  $12  n/a US Only  >8+ products
>A meal donated for every box
>Fun Monthly Themes
>Points/Referral program to earn products
Bestowed  $19  n/a  US Only

>All products are selected by nutritionist Heather Bauer
>A Sheet of Tips & Ideas for using the products is included

Nature Box $19.95 n/a for Surprise OR can Self-Select  US Only

>Surprise boxes of 5 large-sized, nutritionist approved snacks
>Call Customer Service to gain access to self-select your snacks

Graze Box $6.49 Vegan & GF Options US Only

>4 individually portioned snacks
>Snacks are customized to your personal preferences
>Referral program to earn products OR donate to charity
>Promo: Get your First Box Free

What should I review next? Suggestions welcome!!!