Review: Madison & Rayne (Meal Delivery)


With a baby on the way, lately I’ve been especially interested in trying out services that might make getting a good dinner on the table a possibility once our bundle of joy arrives in January.

Recently, the Chicago-Area Meal Delivery Service Madison & Rayne reached out to me with an opportunity to try their service in exchange for sharing my opinion.  I’ve seen several positive reviews of their service by other local bloggers, but I hadn’t yet seen a review from a Vegetarian perspective and I’m excited to share that with you.


About Madison & Rayne

Madison & Rayne strives to help its customers “Rediscover Dinner at Home” with impressive yet quick meals that require minimal prep and minimal clean-up.   They accomplish this by sending recipe ingredients already prepped & pre-measured with all vegetables washed & chopped.  

Vegetarian Options & Other Dietary Accomodations

As you can see from the sample menu below, Madison & Rayne offers several Vegetarian entree options each week.  If you hover over the menu item, it also tells you exactly what the vegetarian substitution will be – in the example below it’s tofu, but often it’s a seasonal vegetable like roasted beets, smoked parsnips, or a fennel-crusted eggplant steak.  I appreciate that not only do they offer a fun substitution for the meat, but they also reduce the price for the vegetarian meals – it always bothers me when restaurants charge full price even when I request to omit the most expensive ingredient!

Hovering over the menu item also indicates whether the recipe is or can be made Dairy-Free or Gluten-Free.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t currently appear to be an indicator for Vegan Meals, but requests to also omit eggs can be accommodated if noted during the checkout process.


1 Menu Selection


Ordering & Delivery

To order, simply select the number of servings you want for each meal (one adult serving generally feeds 2 kids under the age of 10).  Orders placed by 5pm Saturday are delivered on Tuesday, during your preferred time slot of 1-4pm or 5-8pm.  Delivery is FREE within the city of Chicago and some near suburbs, and you don’t need to be present to receive your order.

Each order is neatly packed in a reusable tote bag with ice packs.  To keep waste to the bare minimum, the tote bag, ice packs, and even the ingredient containers can be returned to Madison & Rayne with your next order to be reused.

2 Delivery

I was impressed with how organized my delivery was.  The tote’s front pocket contained the recipe cards, and within the tote there were two bags – one for each meal I received – with all the necessary ingredients clearly labeled.  It was so carefully delivered that even the plastic container of broth included for one of the recipes did not spill!

3 Easy as A B C

Meal #1: Papardelle with Veggies, Giardiniera & Pistachios (Dairy-Free / Vegetarian with Vegan option)

Our first meal came together in 15 minutes flat.  The instructions were very clear & precise, even including details like how much salt to add to the pasta water and cues to allow the pan to heat before adding the ingredients.  Only Oil, Salt & Pepper were needed from our kitchen with everything else already prepared – the pistachios were already perfectly toasted (a good thing as I usually burn my nuts!), the giardiniera was already marinated, and the dairy-free pesto was ready to go.

I also loved how seasonal the veggies were (featuring Root Veggies that tasted to me like Celery Root and Parsnip) and how fresh the pasta was – so fresh it only required 3.5 minutes of boiling!  The Papardelle Pasta did include a small amount of egg, but Madison & Rayne also keeps egg-free noodles on hand and can substitute those for a fully Vegan meal.



4 Papardelle

Both my Omnivore Husband and myself enjoyed the unique flavor combination of this meal – I never would have thought to pair Pesto with a Vinegar-y Giardiniera – and the sweet Root Veggies and toasty Pistachios added even more dimensions of flavor.

We’re also happy to report that the portion sizes were perfect.  Our order was supposed to be 2 servings, and it filled two deep bowls with still a teeny bit left in the pan.

5 Lets Eat

Meal #2: Ginger Crusted Tofu with Mushrooms, Barley, Broccolini & Miso Broth (Vegan)

Our next meal was equally quick, easy, and flavorful.  I dipped Tofu into a Ginger powder and baked it in the toaster oven.  Meanwhile, I sauteed veggies, then stirred in Broth, Barley, and at the very end whisked in some Miso.  I especially loved that the Barley was already pre-cooked, a step that other meal services might leave for the customer to complete.

6 Tofu with Mushrooms, Barley, and Miso Broth

We thought the Ginger-Crusted Tofu (really, more like Ginger-Dusted) could use more flavor, but it paired well with the other ingredients and overall this meal was another winner.  We loved the comforting combination of the miso broth, mushrooms, and barley, and appreciated the hearty amount of protein & pop of greens.

7 Delicious


Overall, we were really impressed with Madison & Rayne.  While price (especially since there is no discount for ordering multiple servings) would keep me from using the service more frequently, I hope to treat myself to the occasional order, especially once our baby arrives.  I think it would also be an great option to consider to make entertaining both easy & impressive when having guests over for dinner.

Not only were the dishes delicious & unique, but they also came together much more quickly than the other Meal Delivery Services I’ve tried so far (with the exception of Cooked Chicago which sends ready-to-eat meals).

Discount Code for VeggieNextDoor Readers

If this review piqued your curiosity, Madison & Rayne is offering $30 off your first order – simply use the code VEG30 at check out.  

If you give it a try, I’d love to hear what you think.

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you tried any Meal Delivery Services?

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