Review: Meez Meals
I am proud to say that I’ve now kept up my meal-planning routine for a couple of years, and it’s still working well for me.  Though between summer travel, visitors, and our recent move, I’ve welcomed the occasional shortcut into my routine.
While I usually make a different breakfast recipe & lunch recipe each week, during busy times I simply plan for cereal and sandwiches.   And when I don’t have time to plan or shop for dinner recipes either, we’ve been treating ourselves to Meez Meals.  
Truthfully, we’ve also treated ourselves to Meez Meals when I did have the time to plan & prep but simply didn’t feel like it – like the week of my Birthday when Mike was in charge of dinners for the week.
Note: Meez Meals was recommended to me by a friend and I’m writing this review simply because we enjoyed it.  We paid for this service with our own money and this is not a sponsored review.
Meez Meals is a 100% Vegetarian Chicago-area Meal Delivery service, and in my opinion, they are exceptionally good at what they do.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Each week, they post a menu of 5 chef-created recipes.  There are always a couple of vegan and gluten-free options too, plus options to “lighten up” each recipe.  
  • I can choose whether I want to place an order – and if so, which recipes I’d like, and how many servings I need.  Orders should be placed by Friday at Noon.
  • On Monday, a cooler full of all the ingredients I need is delivered to my house.  The packaging is eco-friendly and very well organized/labeled too.
  • The best part is that all the veggies are washed & chopped and the sauces are already prepared.
  • We still do the cooking, but it’s much quicker (and tastier!) with Meez doing all the prep.
  • I never used it, but they also offer a Dinner Hotline each night from 5 to 8pm if you have questions about the recipes.
Although I’ve been using Meez here and there for a few months now, I just learned the meaning of the company’s name the other day in this interview with their founder:
“The name was inspired by the French phrase “mise en place,” which means having the prep work taken care of before it’s time to cook. I went with the phonetic “Meez” to make it more fun.”
I think the name is such a fantastic fit for the company, since I especially love how they eliminate the prep work.  I think I’m an exceptionally slow washer and chopper and most “30 minute” recipes I cook from scratch will take me an hour.  When the prep work is done by Meez, “30 minutes” really means 30 minutes.  You can see in the pictures below that the ingredients come truly ready to go.

Here’s the Before & After pictures of my all-time-favorite Meez Meals:

Lemon Chai Seared Vegetable Salad – Polenta with Veggies, Pecans, and the most delicious Lemon-Chai sauce.  I would have never in a million years thought of this flavor combo yet it was incredible.
 Thai Peanut Wonton Cups – Crispy baked wontons stuffed with edamame, oven-baked kale chips, coconut, and the most delicious Peanut Sauce.  Mike is obsessed with this dish.
Marrakech Foldovers – Another delicious combination I could never have dreamed up:  Edamame Hummus, Broccoli Slaw, Coconut, and a Cinnamon Vinaigrette on a Flat Bread.  It may sound crazy, but trust me – it’s crazy good.  We especially loved how quick & delicious the flat breads came together and hope to order more flat-bread dishes in the future!
My Review:
If the delicious pictures above peaked your interest, I hope you’ll continue reading more below to see if Meez might be right for you:

What I love about Meez:

    • Creative, delicious recipes
    • No need to shop for or prep the ingredients!
    • No Commitment – Sign-up happens one week at a time.
    • Portion Sizes were huge.  My husband and I have hearty appetites, and even we always had a little bit leftover. 
    • Amazing Customer Service – I made several special requests which they happily accommodated:
      • Once I requested to have our delivery date moved from Monday to Tuesday since I was out of town.
      • Another time we placed our order several hours after the order deadline, and they still accepted it.
    • No need to tip the Delivery Guy/Gal – Meez takes care of it.

But nobody’s perfect:

    • “Healthy” means something different to everyone. I love that Meez uses Real-Food ingredients and never any preservatives.  They also often use whole grains (like the flatbreads above) and incorporate veggies into every meal.  But leave it to a health-nut like me to wish that their tortillas and noodles were always whole-wheat too and to gasp at the suggested amounts of oil to use in assembling.
    • Some weeks, the vegan options are limited.  They often have dishes that are 100% Vegan ordered As-Is.  For other dishes, they may simply leave out the dairy without a substitute.  While they Veganized this Chile Relleno Burrito by leaving off the cheese, it really could have used some cashew cream or avocado.

    • Some meals take more time/pots/pans than others.  We loved this Sesame Ginger Asparagus with Udon Noodles.  But we did not love washing the Pot & Strainer used to cook the noodles, the roasting pan used for the tofu, the sautee pan needed to cook the asparagus, and the bowl we had to “set aside” the asparagus in while warming the sauce in the same pan.

 My Tips:

    • For 2 people, I recommend choosing 2 recipes and ordering 4 servings of each.
      • Compared to ordering their default of 3 recipes with 2 servings each, we got more food, paid less money, and spent less time cooking.
        • For 3 recipes with 2 servings each (6 meals) – the current cost is $75 ($12.50 per serving)
        • For 2 recipes with 4 servings each (8 meals) – the current cost is $64 ($8.00 per serving)
    • In the delivery notes, request for the Delivery Service to wait a moment to collect the cooler.
      • While it’s great to have the cooler left at my door if I’m at work when my order arrives, if I am home, I prefer to have the Delivery Service take the cooler back with them.  Not only does this free up space in my house, it also clears up my mental clutter. I have this strange sense of guilt when I keep their coolers hostage, making me pressure myself into to place another order right away.
    • Check the Recipe Snapshots before ordering.
      • When viewing each week’s menu, as you hover over a menu item, click the “View Cookbook & Health Snapshot” (see below).  Here you can see all the details including ingredients, nutrition facts, and the exact steps needed to prepare the dish. These details always help me when I’m trying to decide between a couple of different recipes.  I can see if they are leaving an ingredient off to veganize a dish, and can see how many pots & pans are needed, alleviating my concerns above.


 My Verdict:

  • I plan to continue to use Meez as a once-in-a-while treat for myself and highly recommend it to anyone in the Chicago area looking to mix up their dinner routine.  The service is high quality, the flavors are fun, and the service is fantastic.

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever tried a Meal Delivery Service?

What are your best short cuts for getting dinner on the table quickly?