Saigon Sisters' Pho

On my recent visit to Tank Noodle, they had plenty of delicious vegetarian options, but didn’t have a meatless Pho.  This left me with a serious craving. I simply HAD to have some Pho, and I knew exactly where to get it – Saigon Sisters

I’m a regular at Saigon Sister’s French Market location.  In the summer, my favorite lunch is their Tofu & Brown Rice Bowl.  But on a cold or rainy day, nothing is better than a big bowl of Pho.

To satisfy my craving, on a recent weeknight I picked up some Pho-To-Go for Mike and I on my way home from work.  

The broth, noodles & veggies, and toppings were all packaged separately which meant that when I got home 45 min later, the herbs were still fresh, the noodles al dente, and none of the broth had spilled. And don’t worry: The bowls & containers were all recyclable.

Opening the containers revealed generous amounts of tofu and noodles, crisp bean sprouts, fresh basil, jalapenos, and lime.

The broth is incredibly complex and flavorful, thanks to exotic spices like star anise and a hint of tart lime and hot peppers.

This is a seriously hearty bowl of soup.  The steam, the spices, and the citrus could knock out any winter cold or flu.

Cool and crisp bean sprouts add great contrast to the warm soup.  Fresh Basil, Spicy Jalapenos, and a squirt of Lime are the perfect finishing touch…

Only problem? It was so delicious and satisfying, I’ve been craving this Pho every night since!

Don’t live near Saigon Sisters?  Make it yourself with the Vegan Pho recipe on their blog!

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Have you ever tried Pho?

What’s your favorite Take-Out Dinner?