In March, Martha Stewart made big buzz in the Vegan/Vegetarian community by having an All-Vegan episode – this was the first time I ever recorded an episode of Martha Stewart – and it was wonderful!  I have to say that she won me over and I am now a fan of hers.

Seitan Bourguignon with cheater mashed potatoes

Biz Stone, a vegan famous for being the co-founder of Twitter, was one of her guests.  Together they made Biz’s recipe for Seitan Bourguignon, a wonderful wine-y stew, reminiscent of Julia Child’s much famed Beef Bourguignon. Click here if you’d like to watch Martha & Biz cook it up!



This recipe also is a landmark for me in that while I order Seitan at restaurants every chance I get, I’d never cooked with it before!  Seitan can easily be found near the tofu in the refrigerated section at any Whole Foods Market, as well as in the natural foods section of some major grocery chains.

For those of you not familiar with Seitan, it is protein from wheat gluten.  Seitan can also be made from scratch in a very time-consuming kneading/resting/rinsing process using just whole wheat flour & water (plus broth for flavoring).  The idea is to rinse away the starch in the wheat, leaving the high-protein gluten behind.  I’m sure I’ll try making my own one for a special occasion one day, but the store-bought kind is perfect for a week-night meal!


He surely knows that food is the way to my heart!

The recipe was a success! Not only did Mike and I both love it, it was easy to make too!  Over the weekend we had planned out our weekly menu and picked up all the groceries.  On the night I planned to make it, I came home to find that – *SURPRISE* – my wonderful boyfriend Mike had beat me to it – and our apartment smelled amazing!

To simplify the recipe, we made it without the Mushroom “Bacon” topping from the show, and it did not taste like it was missing anything at all.



This rich, wine-y dish made a weeknight dinner seem like a special occasion!


We served it over my “cheater mashed potatoes”, which are really just microwave baked potatoes that I smashed with a fork (scrub the potatoes, poke them with a fork, and press the “potato” button found on most microwaves).  The dish’s sauce was so rich and flavorful, it paired perfectly with the plain potatoes.



Additionally, since the recipe only uses HALF a bottle of wine, there is enough left to sip on while you dine.  This meal truly makes any day feel like a special occasion!

The only thing I will change when I make this dish next (and it will probably be pretty soon!) is that I will increase the ratio of vegetables to Seitan as this is a very “meaty” dish. Mike, the chef for this meal, suggests adding about 8oz of sliced button mushrooms when you add the shallots and carrots to the pot.

Click Here for the Recipe

Have you ever tasted Seitan? Cooked with it? Made it from scratch?

What are your favorite cooking shows?

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