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My Vegan Food-Swap Pal in January sent me such an amazing package, I was blown away and so eager to participate again.  I was eagerly awaiting my February Food Swap pairing, but I never received a match as the swap seems to have gone on hiatus.  Since by the time I realized this I’d missed the February Foodie Pen-Pals deadline, I decided to take matters into my own hands: I signed up for  Vegan Cuts!

Vegan Cuts is an online Marketplace specializing in the best Vegan treats including foods, jewelry, t-shirts and body-care products.  They also offer a monthly subscription program where for $19.95 a month (including shipping), a curated box of Vegan goodies arrives at your door.  This is actually cheaper than any of the Food Swaps that I participate in, considering that we normally spend $15-20 on our matches, plus at least $10 for shipping.

So what was in the February Box?

Overall, I was really impressed with the variety in my box – a good mixture of candy, sweet & salty snacks, tea, and a non-food item too!  

Here’s the item-by-item breakdown:

“Star Chai” BudiBar – This was hands-down my favorite item.  It had an incredibly complex and exotic flavor with notes of Star Anise, Cinnamon, Ginger and generous ripples of dark chocolate.  It was also loaded with healthy fats from Sunflower, Chia and Hemp Seeds plus plenty of Fiber from Chicory Root – which also gives the bar a subtle sweetness without a single gram of sugar or drop of stevia in the entire bar.


Dang Coconut Chips  – Judging from what I saw on Instagram and Twitter, these  were the crowd favorite, and for good reason.  I confess that I ate the entire bag myself in a single day (well, it was just two servings … but two very rich & decadent servings at that!).  Nothing but Coconut Meat, Sugar, and Salt, I loved how pure & simple the ingredients were.  Lately, I’ve been having Waffles topped with Almond Butter & Chocolate Chips every weekend morning (I toast the waffles, then add the nut butter & chocolate and microwave it all for 30 seconds so the toppings get super melty).  This Sunday, my usual was were even better with the addition of the Dang Coconut Chips.  I ate the rest of the Coconut chips straight out of the bag later that evening.


PureFit Vegan Protein Bar – This was my least favorite item in the package.  I found it to be far too sweet for my taste – probably because Sugar (Brown Rice Syrup and Beet Syrup) are the first and third ingredients.  And to be honest, the number 2 ingredient – Soy Protein Isolate – kinda scares me.  Over the years, I’ve read lots of articles for and against soy, most of which believe that Soy is safe in moderation and in it’s least processed forms (think edamame, tofu, soy milk).  Highly processed, concentrated forms of soy, like Isolated Soy Protein, are definitely questionable.  I try to limit these more concentrated forms only to treats that I really really like (i.e. the occasional fake-meat dish), and I didn’t like this bar enough to put it in that category.

Serengeti Tea-Sticks – I had mixed feelings about these. I love tea.  And I thought these Tea-Sticks were a very fun idea (they’re designed to double as a tea-bag and a stir-stick – “no spoon or wringing required”).  Call me old-fashioned though, but I decided that I’m perfectly happy with a standard tea bag.  One thing about me that’s not old-fashioned though is my taste in flavors.  I was a little bored with the traditional flavors in my sampler – Jasmine Green Tea, Earl Grey, and Chamomile.  Perhaps I would have been a tea-stick convert if my package included some of Serengeti’s other tea-stick flavors, like Cardamom Tea, Pineapple Black Tea, or Passion Fruit Tea.


Valentine’s Day Candy – I really liked that they put a seasonal twist on this box by incorporating some Valentine’s sweets.  The minute Mike saw the Surf Sweets gummies, he tried claiming them for himself.  Unfortunately for him, he had to share.  When it comes to chocolate, I prefer mine DARK, so I absolutely adored the two chocolates included in my box – a Sjaak’s Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffle and a piece of Righteously Raw Divine Mint. Perfection in a bite!

Simply 7 Lentil Chips – I could’ve sworn that I’d had Lentil Chips before, but if I have, then they certainly weren’t like these at all.  The taste took me by surprise – I actually thought they tasted like classic cheese puffs, but without the cheese.  They had exactly that perfect puffy, crunchy, melt in your mouth texture.  These are made in Texas so when I instagrammed my VeganCuts box, my Texan friend Laura mentioned that she has them at every party and even knows someone that works at this small company.  

Merry Hempsters Lip-balm – I think natural beauty products are as important as natural foods – the body absorbs so much of what is placed on the skin.  So I was very happy to receive this hemp seed oil based lipbalm.  Mine is spearmint flavor and I love that it actually tastes like real spearmint, grown out of the ground, not in a science lab.  Plus, it goes on silky-smooth and has a nice cooling feeling.

Online Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School – Lastly, there was a card in the box with a code for free access to the Online Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School.  I personally think I spend way too much time on my computer already, so I decided this wasn’t something I wanted to try, but I’m sure some other subscribers will get good use out of it.

Overall, I really enjoyed my VeganCuts box, but before I commit myself to VeganCuts long-term, I want to check out some of the other Fish in the Sea Veggies in the Garden(?).  

One great thing about VeganCuts is how easy it is to unsubscribe – I just clicked a link within my confirmation email and I was free as a bird.  

For the month of March, I’ll be trying out the Love With Food service and posting my review!

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you tried any of these products before?

Which would you most like to try?

Subscription Service Summary:

As I continue to try out various subscription services, I’ll keep adding to the chart below so that you can compare & contrast and see which service is right for you!


Service / Review Links

Price per Month 

(Including US Shipping)

Dietary Pref Countries Notes
Vegan Cuts $19.95 

 100% Vegan 

 Mostly GF

Canada +$8
Worldwide +$15
>7-10 Products
>Includes occasional non-food products (i.e. vegan lipgloss)
Love With Food  $12  n/a US Only  >8+ products
>A meal donated for every box
>Fun Monthly Themes
>Points/Referral program to earn products
Bestowed  $19  n/a  US Only

>All products are selected by nutritionist Heather Bauer
>A Sheet of Tips & Ideas for using the products is included

Nature Box $19.95 n/a for Surprise OR can Self-Select  US Only

>Surprise boxes of 5 large-sized, nutritionist approved snacks
>Call Customer Service to gain access to self-select your snacks

Graze Box $6.49 Vegan & GF Options US Only

>4 individually portioned snacks
>Snacks are customized to your personal preferences
>Referral program to earn products OR donate to charity
>Promo: Get your First Box Free

What should I review next? Suggestions welcome!!!

What should I review next? Suggestions welcome!!!


Note: This post contains affiliate links.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.